Who are we?

We are a team of students from NITK Surathkal, who are absolutely passionate about Racing, Off-Road Racing. We build ATVs that survive the harshest of terrains and pit it against the hundreds of teams at BAJA SAE India every year! We Design, Build and Race!

The new single 13 reduction gearbox pairs well with our cvt to give a very efficient and powerful powertrain assembly


The gearbox is the lightest we’ve made which includes a decrease in almost 30% from the last model and decreases the on uniform loading in the car chassis for optimal performance.

Inboard Brake Caliper

The gearbox also has an inboard brake caliper mount to minimize welds to the chassis for mounts. The assembly decreases the unsprung mass by 20kgs.


After an extensive cycle of design and analysis, the wheel hub assembly is 25% lighter and the least FOS has increased from 1.9 to 2.3.

Aluminium 7075

The use of aerospace grade aluminium helps us decrease the overall mass of the wheel assembly by 5kgs.


The assembly is also less susceptible to damage and interference.

AISI 4130

The use of AISI 4130 has increased the least FOS on the chassis and has decreased the weight.

Design Improvements

The use of pipe bending and MIG welding has increased the overall design drastically.

Tabs for Suspension System

The manufacturing of tabs for the suspension system was meticulously done.

Fox Float 3 Evol R

The use of the fox float 3 evol R which is an infinitely adjustable air spring brings great stability and performance to the car.

Two Air Chambers

The strut has two separate air chambers to control the ride and bottom-out/roll control.


They are much lighter and responsive than their spring counterpart.

Victory, isn't about speed. It's about survival..and refusing to give up.

Our Sponsors

Our team benefits from an amazing set of sponsors who encourage us to dream, design, build and race!