The Team

The Pack.

Tech Team

The strength of a building depends upon the foundation it’s built on, and our foundation lies in the able hands of our self-sufficient tech team. Consisting of intelligent and hard-working students, this team is dedicated towards one mission-to build and test ATVs that can brave the harsh elements of the terrain. It is a perfect amalgamation of the 3 SIGs: Power train, Design and analysis and vehicle dynamics, that work in tandem to achieve 100% results.



One of the most important components of any vehicle is its power source. Our car is powered with Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine that delivers a power of power of 10 HP. The powertrain subsystem is what makes sure that this power is delivered from the engine to the wheels with least loss and maximum efficiency. In a nutshell, power train subsystem designs the overall layout of the power transmission section of the car by considering factors like durability, maintenance and efficiency. When the vehicle conquers the heights of the harsh terrain in its path, it is this subsystem that fuels its journey. The new single 13 reduction gearbox pairs well with our cvt to give a very efficient and powerful powertrain assembly


Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicle Dynamics is the backbone of a car’s performance. Without the study of this subject, a car would fail to perform even with a phenomenal spec sheet backing it. This subsystem ensures that the components of the vehicle are able to work at the maximum achievable efficiency. The subsystem tasks can be broadly divided into three major categories: 1. Suspension system 2. Steering system 3. Brake system Implementation of design is one of the major challenges in the process of making the car. After assembly, the car is tested against a series of terrain hurdles to gain insight about the actual responses of the manufactured car in comparison to the theoretical values obtained in earlier phases. This process entails the construction of a harsh terrain and preparation of the driver for racing.

Design & Analysis

Design and Analysis

The beauty of the powerful beast begins with us. Here we are for you, Team Design and Analysis. We design all the intricate parts of the BAJA car and work towards its weight reduction. The Design & Analysis subsystem ensures that major components like the knuckles, wheel hubs, wishbones, dampers, steering assembly and the chassis are capable to withstand the dynamic reactions from the terrain as well as operate at their designated capacity. It also ensures that the chassis is designed to protect the driver under all circumstances. Analysis decides the part dimensions and material selection and ensures minimum possible weight of components. Another important job of this subsystem is the health monitoring of designed components.

Marketing Team

You need the right kind of attitude to make yourself stand out among the crowd That’s exactly what the marketing subsystem of Baja NITK Racing strives to do. Working in tandem with the media subsystem, the marketing subsystem puts the elite college team in the spotlight. By strategically placing the team on the map through innovative marketing strategies, the subsystem has managed to get spotted on the radar of various sponsors. The sponsors back the team financially and in kind, after gauging their prowess, and it is the task of the marketing subsystem to network with these sponsors and establish a long-term relationship. In return for the aid provided by these sponsors,
The marketing team publicizes the various products and services offered by the sponsors through car-stickers, banners, social media shoutouts, branding, word of mouth, goodies etc.
Besides bringing in sponsors, the marketing team is also involved in various activities such as:
Crowdfunding through the interactive e-portal, Wishberry
Stalls at Engineer(Tech fest of NITK) and Incident(Cultural fest of NITK)